Bridal Events in Scottsdale

Trunk Shows
Mariée is proud to host designer trunk shows throughout the year. At a trunk show a particular designer will lend us extra dresses from their current or upcoming collections for one weekend only, so brides will have the fullest selection from that designer. Often a representative from the designer will also be attending the trunk show in order to offer their expertise to you, and on extremely rare occasions you can even meet the designer themselves (depending on their very busy schedule!).

Trunk shows are ideal for brides who have a particular love for a certain designer, and want to see as much of their collection as possible. If you are planning on attending a designer trunk show be prepared to make decisions that weekend as many of the dresses are in the store for that weekend only. Purchasing incentives are also available at trunk shows.

Sample Sales
Very occasionally (2-3 times per year) we will have a sample sale weekend. A sample sale is when we sell off our bridal gown samples at discounted prices, in order to make space in the boutique for the new season’s collections that our designer’s launch. A sample sale weekend works very differently to a regular weekend at our store, there are no appointments, and it is first come first served. Rather than getting a gown made just for you, you buy the floor sample ‘as is’, pay for the dress in full and take it away with you that same day. Be prepared to make some rapid decisions if you are planning on attending a sample sale, as there is only one of each sample dress, (usually sized 8-12) and once it’s gone it is gone!

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