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Price Range

  • $2000 - $2500
  • $2500 - $3500
  • $3500 - $5000
  • $5000 - $9000

Dress type

  • Aline & Ball Gown
  • Fit and Flare, Mermaid & Trumpet
  • Minimalistic Gowns
  • Sample is size 18 or 20


  • Enzoani
  • Martina Liana
  • Blue By Enzoani
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Elysee
  • Etoile
  • Love
  • Edition (plus size)
  • Pen Liv
  • Elysee Atelier


  • Sleeves
  • Strapless
  • Straps

Our Dress Collection

Below you can view current gowns that we carry in store. We also have some additional gowns and are experienced in customization if you are looking for something different. If there is a style that you have seen that we do not stock please ask as we can occasionally loan styles in from our designers for you to try if we do not have them in store. (Borrowing fees apply)
Martina Liana 1477
Martina Liana 1510
Martina Liana 1497
Martina Liana 1465
Martina Liana 1440
Martina Liana 1453
Martina Liana 1486
Enzoani Ramona
Enzoani Roza
Enzoani Raquel
Enzoani Riva
Enzoani Renee
Enzoani Roxane
Enzoani Raissa
Blue by Enzoani Narine
Elysee Orleane
Elysee Cecile
Elysee Avignon
Elysee Anais
Martina Liana 1362
Martina Liana 1394
Martina Liana 1321
Martina Liana 1421
Martina Liana 1413
Love Arya
Love Antonia
Love Ansley
Love Amina
Love Alyson
Love Alyse
Love Alanis
Elysee Chiara
Elysee Sibylla
Blue by Enzoani Ollie
Blue by Enzoani Olivine
Martina Liana 1367
Martina Liana 1103
Francoise +
Enzoani Rosalie
Blue by Enzoani Olenka
Badgley Mischka Fabiana
Badgley Mischka Felicity
Badgley Mischka Fergie
Badgley Mischka Fletcher
Badgley Mischka Flynn
Badgley Mischka Frankie
Badgley Mischka Frances
Blue by Enzoani Nevaeh
Blue by Enzoani Omarra
Elysee Athenais
Etoile Nathalie
Martina Liana 1390
Martina Liana 1358
Martina Liana 1371
Martina Liana 1387
Martina Liana 1348
Martina Liana 1338
Badgley Mischka Eve
Badgley Mischka Eden
Badgley Mischka Demitra
Badgley Mischka Erika
Blue by Enzoani Nerissa
Martina Liana 1325
Martina Liana 1305
Martina Liana 1306
Enzoani Phoebe
Blue by Enzoani Nini
Martina Liana 1275
Blue by Enzoani Nelia
Blue by Enzoani Normandie
Elysee Seraphine
Elysee Danielle
Elysee Sophie
Etoile Adele
Etoile Adrianna
Etoile Angelique
Etoile Andromeda
Etoile Esmee
Etoile Evangeline
Elysee Vionnet
Badgley Mischka Etta
Blue by Enzoani Nichelle
Blue by Enzoani Nanelle
Blue by Enzoani Naroza
Enzoani Paige
Enzoani Pearl
Elysee Selene
Elysee Helene
Martina Liana 1250
Martina Liana 1294
Martina Liana 1236
Martina Liana 1175
Badgley Mischka Darla
Badgley Mischka Dinah
Badgley Mischka Dani
Elysee Noor
Elysee Minette
Elysee Alexandre
Martina Liana 1165
Martina Liana 1235
Enzoani Octavia
Enzoani Ora
Etoile BT20-16
Blue by Enzoani Mai
Blue by Enzoani Marla
Blue by Enzoani Mareena
Martina Liana 1137
Martina Liana 1154
Martina Liana 1105
Badgley Mischka Cecilia
Enzaoni Mckinley
Badgley Mischka Charlize
Blue by Enzoani Lesley
Blue by Enzoani Laura
Martina Liana 1004
Martina Liana 1078
Blue by Enzoani Leandra
Elysee Vesper
Elysee Loren
Elysee Lucida
Elysee Gloriana
Elysee Bouiver
Elysee Bancroft
Blue by Enzoani Ruby
Blue by Enzoani Rosabel
Blue by Enzoani Ronnie
Blue by Enzoani Remi
Blue by Enzoani Raven
Elysee Atelier Atreides
Elysee Demeter
Blue by Enzoani Promise
Enzoani Shiloh
Enzoani Sheryl
Enzoani Shayla
Enzoani Serenity
Enzoani Simplicity
Blue by Enzoani Promise
Blue by Enzoani Prisha
Blue by Enzoani Posie
Blue by Enzoani Pierce
Blue by Enzoani Payden
Blue by Enzoani Patricia
Blue by Enzoani Palmer
Blue by Enzoani Paloma
Martina Liana 1488
Martina Liana 1531
Martina Liana 1532
Martina Liana 1455
Martina Liana 1540
Martina Liana 1557
Elysee Atelier Daphne
Elysee Atelier Lara
Athenais +
Jordaine +
Cassiopeia +
Selene +
Dianna +
Etoile Celeste
Etoile Fayette
Etoile Bardot
Etoile Francesca
Etoile Avril
Etoile Marilyn
Elysee Duchesse
Martina Liana 1490
Elysee Versailles
Elysee Giverny
Enzoani Sharon
Enzoani Sarah
Sibylla +
Valliere +
Hélène +
Emma +
Elysee Cleopatre
Elysee Laurent
Etoile Emma
Blue by Enzoani Peggy
Blue by Enzoani Pia
Blue by Enzoani Phoenix
Blue by Enzoani Petal
Blue by Enzoani Perry
Blue by Enzoani Palmer
Blue by Enzoani Princess
Blue by Enzoani Patience
Elysee Lakme
Elysee Galatea
Elysee Circe
Elysee Guerlain
Elysee Louisa
Elysee Trianon
Elysee Harlow
Elysee Georgiana
Elysee Cassiopeia
Elysee Calliope
Elysee Alba
Elysee Acadia
Blue by Enzoani – Preston
Blue by Enzoani Petunia
Blue by Enzoani Penina
Blue by Enzoani Pearson
Blue by Enzoani Paula
Blue by Enzoani Parker
Etoile Harper
Martina Liana 1384
Blue by Enzoani Orchid
Martina Liana 1092
Etoile BT19-11
Etoile BT19-12
Etoile BT19-27
Etoile BT19-14
Blue by Enzoani Kandace